Hamlet’s Castle version 2.0

I went back to Hamlet’s castle with my dad this time in tow. I was very happy to have gone back because the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare was finally in full swing, thus I got to see so much of the performance being played out inside the Castle’s many halls.

I spent an amazing time with my family as a last hurrah before going home. I leave on Saturday to go home and I’m sad to almost be out of Denmark. I’ve had such a great time… Okay, not done yet, so. My Dad was rather pleased to have been able to meet with part of our family. Cannot help but be grateful for the opportunity given.

On a random note – one that I forgot to mention yesterday – I have eaten Kangaroo. It was delicious. Also, the smell of leather and animal furs is very homey and comforting.

That is all.



I got a full day today, but due to packing for Berlin and needing sleep, I’m only going to say a few words. One, Hamlet is awesome to watch if you see parts of it at Hamlet’s castle. Two, ship museums are really interesting, so given only one hour to see it is not enough time. Three, eating three meals a day is very filling and hard to do when you only really eat one large meal a day with a few snacks.

Now I am going to stop procrastinating and finish my packing for my 6:30 am, need to be at the airport, Berlin trip. My feet and my soul will be dead, I can just feel it. I will hopefully post more about today when I am not short on time. Bye!