Today from 6-12 pm I spent my evening with family in Tivoli. Dad got to meet part of his family and I got to meet my cousin’s girlfriend. We had a blast going around the amusement park (we being Wictor, Yuno, and I) while the parents went and spoke. We have a meet up tomorrow where dad gets to see a Danish home and spend a little more time with the family. 


Nail day

Today I had my first and only exam in class. I spent two minutes tops on the multiple choice section, 15 minutes on the short answer section, and 20 on the essay. It wasn’t bad at all actually. I may get some points off for not being detailed enough, but she did specify being as short to the point, so I think I’ll be fine.

When I got back from the break, I found that our schedule for our presentations was posted. I go on Tuesday, no powerpoint, no physical guide, just me and my knowledge. I have tonight, tomorrow night, and Thursday night to do this. Otherwise, I am getting no sleep for a few days. Topic of Runes without Runes? Will be so much fun.

So when I got back to my room, I found that I didn’t have to do much until the morning at 9 am, so I decided to go to the kitchen. I made too many fries and cheese dip and then shared with those who came into the kitchen. Apparently, Cheesy fries are not a thing in Denmark. The Danes gave me a few weird looks.

Mette came down and was trying to practice putting nail polish on others in order for her to do her sister’s nails. She said that I have well shaped nails, and that ‘wine’ is a good color on me. She wants to try with a few other colors later in the week, which means I could get pastels. Looking forward to that, actually.

When all was said and done, we went on a bike ride and I cannot actually describe the amazing view of the wonders of the world of nature. I wanted to paint the sky or write stories, or poetry, or some schmooze-y something about it. I also wanted others to share the moment with me. If someone could look into my mind and see the molten sunset drifting down through a soft spattering of clouds, or the luscious vegetation swaying in the evening breeze, or the blue sheen of the sky reflecting off the streams running through the flat lands, I think I would be happy. I couldn’t take a picture that could do it justice, even if I had the sharpest camera. Truly breath taking.

Tomorrow, when I get back from the Viking Ship museum, I think I’ll go back out again and spend the day with the cows on the pastures.