Hamlet’s Castle version 2.0

I went back to Hamlet’s castle with my dad this time in tow. I was very happy to have gone back because the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare was finally in full swing, thus I got to see so much of the performance being played out inside the Castle’s many halls.

I spent an amazing time with my family as a last hurrah before going home. I leave on Saturday to go home and I’m sad to almost be out of Denmark. I’ve had such a great time… Okay, not done yet, so. My Dad was rather pleased to have been able to meet with part of our family. Cannot help but be grateful for the opportunity given.

On a random note – one that I forgot to mention yesterday – I have eaten Kangaroo. It was delicious. Also, the smell of leather and animal furs is very homey and comforting.

That is all.



Today from 6-12 pm I spent my evening with family in Tivoli. Dad got to meet part of his family and I got to meet my cousin’s girlfriend. We had a blast going around the amusement park (we being Wictor, Yuno, and I) while the parents went and spoke. We have a meet up tomorrow where dad gets to see a Danish home and spend a little more time with the family. 

Absolute Amazement

What can I even say to describe the day I just experienced? How can I even begin to say how grateful I am to my family? Where do I even start… hmm. Well, I woke up this morning and grabbed a shower, quickly getting my backpack packed, so I could meet my family for the first time at 9:30. I waited outside no more than a minute when this sturdy little car pulled up outside my building. Three people stepped out of the car, Jørgen, his wife Maria, and their son, Wictor (for those who do not know, w’s and v’s are strongly entwined in northern European languages).

I was immediately welcomed by hugs and handshakes, big smiles and comfortable company. Our blood relation is far, several cousins twice removed or something like all that jazz, but I have never been so comfortable with a family other than my own for a long, long time. They are all very sweet, and I cannot tell you how much I have eaten today because they are so concerned about me being fed.

Anyway, we headed towards Louisiana straight from my living area, taking a short detour to Jørgen’s work. I learned a lot about recycling, helping the future, and following your passions from him as he showed me his recycle drop off, explaining processes on the way. It was cool to hear about the way things worked with his passion. All the things we have dug up can all be reused and refurbished into so much more than the one time use that everyone seems to think works. It amazed me that he has found a way to recycle almost everything in our day to day life.

Once the tour was complete, we finished the extra meters to get to Louisiana. I was in complete awe about most of the art work there. If I could figure out a way to show multiple pictures on here at once, I would be flooding this blog with all the pictures I took. Luckily, you get one of the bests for my featured Image. Sarah, my friend from session one, told me to get a picture of Kusama’s work, and it did not disappoint in being everything she said it would be. I would love to have the time and ability to share with you more about my visit, but there is just so much more I want to talk about.

We finished Louisiana around 1300 or so and headed to this restaurant next to the sea. I tried 3 herrings, plus the follow up dish of shrimp, pork, cheese, and more – a very traditional meal in Denmark – and kicked it back with a 40 or so percent alcohol shot of some amazing drink. I am very happy I tried this dish, but I will probably not have it again for a long time. Capers are really delicious with red onions, by the way. We sat around for a bit more and I had a coffee with them. One of the blessings of family is that I didn’t have to pay a kroner for my meal (beyond grateful for this awesome family!).

The next thing we did was travel to Tegner’s Museum full of busts and statues in certain stages of the busting process. I saw a lot of large and monstrous statues, plus I got to listen to a lovely Danish acapella choir. Jørgen told me more about the process of busting as we left the performance to transverse through the outdoor part of the place, seeing the final versions of some of the statues. We completely finished at around 1800 and decided that we should go to Sweden. You know, just casually go to another country via a ferry the size of a small cruise ship. And stop for ice cream where Carry Grant once ate at before boarding said ferry.

It was a really cool trip to make as Sweden is just so close to Denmark in Helsinger. We got to see one of Sweden’s oldest castles just along the boarder. Let me tell you, there were so many stairs that I thought I would die. I mean, not really, but it was a really steep climb up at least. We came back after spending time in the park around the castle and decided to grab dinner around the area at a chinese restaurant. The food was great, but I had eaten so much food and drank so much water and other liquids that I was full really early on in the meal. The soup was delicious and their muscles were pretty good, too.

At the end of it all, we came to their house and I met two gorgeous dogs, a golden retriever and a black lab. They are super jumpy but very sweet. We hung out for a little before I confessed to being extremely tired, which I honestly am and have no idea how I have stayed awake so long to write this. All three of them were very kind and told me that I am more than welcome to just treat the place as if it were my own. If I was hungry or thirsty or needed anything, I simply could just take it from the kitchen, or ask them for anything. I couldn’t be more amazed by the princess like treatment I am receiving from them. I really, truly appreciate all that they have done so far and look forward to tomorrow.

Thank you all for reading if you got through all of this! (Tak family!!)