Rosenborg and Rosy cheeks

Dad and I spent today going to Rosenborg castle. On the way there, we stopped by pizza time (one of my regular food stops for lunch) to grab a piece of mushroom and ham. I have, also, gotten my dad hooked on Bubble tea. I did not know he would be a fan of it. I feel bad (not really) that I got my dad addicted like me.

In Rosenborg, we saw the crown jewels which were okay, but not the prettiest I’ve seen. I did like some of the rather ornate necklaces and dangling earrings. The glass was much more interesting to look at though. Once we got out of the basement we headed to the upstairs where it seemed that every room was wood and nothing else. We got to see some cool desks that had unusual bends and some embedded amber within the mix. My favorite part of the entire thing was looking at the hidden doors and wondering what it would have been like to go through the hidden passageways.

After that, Dad got into contact with a friend he hadn’t seen in 25 years. It was crazy to see all the booze that came out in the 8 hours we were all hanging out in. I’m glad dad had fun, but boy was it so strange to take him home afterwards. Midnight train rides are rather busy apparently.