I have been waiting in the airport for four hours now. I am of the opinion that early is better than late, but it appears that there is such a thing as too early. Isn’t that right, you-know-exactly-who-you-are?

All I want to do is get on the plane and sleep. However, I am conflicted because I want to be awake and meet people. What is a girl to do?

I am really excited to be doing on this trip though and as I sit here barely awake, I know that I’ll have a great time.



So it is midnight and I have just finished packing. I have a late night flight and I am super excited, but very tired right now. I really am worried about the Jet lag.

On another note, I am looking at posting every chance I can get, but realistically speaking, I will probably post once a week on Saturday for the eleven weeks. I will try to put up some pictures between postings and maybe a little blurb here and there, but overall, I think I will be busy busy.

Anyway, my packing seems to be on point today as my luggage isn’t over 40 lbs! I still have 10 lbs window so I can hopefully fit some souvenirs. My backpack is a little more of a problem as I will either be just at the line of too heavy or just be too heavy…. trying to figure that one out but I am just out of it to worry tonight.

I’m looking forward to this big adventure!


Start up of 10/11

Hello y’all!

My name is Kirsten but my friends call me Kira (among other things). I am partaking in a once in a life time opportunity to study abroad in KĂžbenhavn, Danmark (aka Copenhagen, Denmark) from May to August in a 10 week program, plus I am staying an additional week to get to know my ancestry and travel a little more in the country and Europe in general.

I am trying to make a comprehensive blog of the experience and hope that I can so that my friends and family can creep on / live vicariously through me. Yoo-hoo family~!

My goal is to update everyday when I am there, if only to say hey. Bare with me though, because I will probably forget or be really tired. A lot.

Anyways, thank you for reading. Will start updating day of Departure: May 23.