Reykjavik, Iceland

My alarm was set to 5:30 for a 5:45 leave from apartment to the Airport so I would not be late to the 6:30 am meet-up. Security and checking bags were long and tedious as it always is, but I got on the flight to Iceland and we were off at 8:45 to touch down at 9:45 local time. The flight ended up being around 4 hours, not 3, as there were strong headwinds and some broken luggage equipment. We got in around 10:40 and we were supposed to be at the Blue Lagoon by 10:30, so we spent the majority of the time rushing from one place to another in order to get the full experience.


The Blue Lagoon was a gorgeous place and super warm and relaxing. We had a great time just hanging out in the water and putting mud on our faces. My skin feels amazing, but my hair is absolutely gummy – gross! I got to receive a waterfall massage, aka standing under a waterfall and letting the powerful water beat against my neck and shoulders. We spent only an hour and a half there, but I wouldn’t mind spending an entire week there in all honesty.


After the Blue Lagoon, we went to the Icelandic national museum, and the proceeded to walk along the streets of Reykjavik (which is similar to Copenhagen in architecture, but the streets were planned and the buildings upkept to code. The picture featured in this post is from the Major Church with over 8 floors to reach the top. Leif Eriksson, Erik the Red’s son and the guy Christopher Columbus ripped off in sea faring adventures, is pictured at the bottom as a memorial from the US.


I had a mellow dinner of soups and salads, all of which had a very distinctive taste and flavor. Do I wish that I had something more hearty? Nope, for once I was okay with something light. Tomorrow, though, I’m looking forward to this awesome breakfast that we keep hearing about. Okay. I’m going to stop procrastinating again and get back to presentation scripting. Night everyone!