Fun ‘family’ Dinner

I have an exam tomorrow to study for. What am I doing now, you ask? Posting on here! Because I have no control over how I spend my time…

Today I had a wonderful Thai Curry with nine other people in my Kollegium. It was fun, funny, friendly, and lots more f words that I could probably describe it as, but don’t particularly want to. I enjoy being silly when I am in the mood (and absolutely not because I want to take my mind off of a supposed exam that I really should study for).

I also started playing Pokemon Go, although it is rather hard to play in Denmark when Europe has no open app for the game. I also ran into a bunch of little kids when I was playing. I didn’t want to seem like that one strange adult walking around, so I sat in one place for a bit and played. Not really the point of the game, but I would rather not run into children as I go.

Ok… I’ll go study now.



Another Blarby

Still sitting around doing nothing but relaxing. Grabbed a pizza and some fries before having people time in the communal area. Pretty chill.

I need to figure out what my paper topic for my last class is. I am thinking about doing a presentation on the Runes, but there were several people who were interested in that, so maybe words in English that we have taken from The Viking age? I’m trying to think of things pertaining to Linguistics, my major, and vikings. I might just do a presentation/paper on Old Norse, but then my professor has a degree in Old Scandinavian… Don’t really want to be competing against her knowledge.

I guess I am also interested in doing a paper specifically on Loki. Or just on the role of trickster gods in northern mythology? I could do a paper on the different types of beings that the Vikings believed in. I could also go into how they are transmitted through pop culture. This is too difficult! I don’t know what to do.

Well, back to the drawing board…


Holy moly. This day has been crazy.

First off, my class is going to be crazy awesome. There are a lot of things that are overwhelmingly out of my education range. It is very interesting to see what is so different about this city to my own. So I am looking forward to that.

Now, to the main thing of the day. Today, I have been in a discussion of what America is doing wrong in school and in policies. Major points being: an unhealthy expectation to learning in developing children, inactive learning facilitation (aka, stuck at a desk without a physical, helpful interaction between the children), and the inflexibility of the system for encouraging the natural curiosity and ability to learn by example (as in learning reality for having to create an answer instead of learning only the book – which aren’t even universal throughout America – answer where just the one answer is correct).

Among this talk, we have talked about livability wage, how it changes depending on where you live. We talked about finances, we talked about every single thing that we could get our hands on to say. We talked about manipulation of politics, the inability of the average American to think for themselves without quoting only one or two lines and nothing else. We talked about how money and social status is something so many people try too hard to forget that it effects so much.

Then we talked about schools and colleges. And the loans that have come from it. And how Everything comes down to money. It’s just money, and its effects are psychological. We have good friends, we have places to go and those we can depend on. We are able to do things because of people and what people can be. If we surround ourselves with positive people, positive places, then even if everything else just stinks terribly, we can muddle ourselves through it. We can make a difference through people and money should never be at the forefront of anything that you feel is the most important. Money should be second, people and passion should be first.

Sorry, I know this is probably crazy to read and follow, but I have been writing while this conversation has been going. It is brilliant to be able to talk about this without conflict (no yelling even when people don’t agree).

Have a great day.