Week 10 Budget

OMGosh week 10?? Where in the world did my time go?? I’m afraid that this will be my last weekly budget for my trip. I don’t really think combining my dad’s account with my own will really be a budget thing. It’s more like a hey-dad-love-me-and-buy-me-food thing. So last weekly budget, here I go.

Okay, so I spent, like, 500 kr in cash from Monday through Thursday, thus no receipts, so I rounded. Now, when it comes to card, I paid for somethings together with my dad, but I’m going to include those anyway.

So as follows:

Food – 106, 86.9, 41.7, 59.85, 50.9, 78, 55.8 = 479.15
Stuff with dad – 48, 493, 36, 463, 93 = 1133

500 + 1133 + 479.15 = 2112.15


I definitely would have made it if it were not for [fill in the blank, but wink wink, nudge nudge].

(Love you daddio~!)



Just because my study abroad is done, doesn’t mean I’m done with this blog. It’s called 10/11 because I have ten weeks of classes, but an added week abroad. Guess what? This is that extra week. I’m still blogging until I get home next weekend!

What does that mean for today? Did I do anything? What am I going to be talking about later then? Well, for starters, of course I’m still doing things. The biggest difference is that I have no classes or school work to worry about. I get to spend a week with my dad and having him around to do the touristy things with. You all get to hear now about tourist attractions, lucky you.

We have already done quite a bit, even though we didn’t start our day until 11:45 am. It was great! We ate sushi, then relaxed for a moment before splitting. I still had to grab my bike from my old (how odd to think this!) Kollegium so that I could return it to the rental shop on Monday. My metro pass expires after today, thus I figured grabbing my bike and going would be in my best interest. It was, it’s just that it rained off and on my entire bike ride back. Stopping every ten minutes or so to let the rain pass by without getting soaked through.

Then, at six, dad and I walked all of the pedestrian walkway in central Copenhagen. I showed him the famous canal, the streets where my classes were, several churches in the area, and even Copenhagen University’s main building. We eventually ate dinner.

Fun fact: Dad officially realized that Denmark is an expensive place to stay via eating. 80$ lunch. 100$ dinner. how crazy. Here I was, trying to make sure I wasn’t spending more than 200$ a week, and we blow the weekly budget in a day. Yikes.

Week 6 Budget

Budget? Who am I kidding, I completely blew this week out of the water, even without getting into specifics.

On renting a car on its own: 5500 DKK for coverage on card in case something happens. I get half of that back when I return the rental.

On the airbnb: 1047 DKK.

Good news, the total for the weekend is only about 200 after splitting everything. Bad news, THAT’S THREE DAYS. Not even considering the rest of the week, where I spent 800 Dkk….

Budget completely blown. Eating like a pauper the rest of the week. If I can spent less than 100 USD this next week, I will be pleased.