Week 10 Budget

OMGosh week 10?? Where in the world did my time go?? I’m afraid that this will be my last weekly budget for my trip. I don’t really think combining my dad’s account with my own will really be a budget thing. It’s more like a hey-dad-love-me-and-buy-me-food thing. So last weekly budget, here I go.

Okay, so I spent, like, 500 kr in cash from Monday through Thursday, thus no receipts, so I rounded. Now, when it comes to card, I paid for somethings together with my dad, but I’m going to include those anyway.

So as follows:

Food – 106, 86.9, 41.7, 59.85, 50.9, 78, 55.8 = 479.15
Stuff with dad – 48, 493, 36, 463, 93 = 1133

500 + 1133 + 479.15 = 2112.15


I definitely would have made it if it were not for [fill in the blank, but wink wink, nudge nudge].

(Love you daddio~!)


Author: tenelevenblog

student abroad

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