The Round Tower

Dad decided to go to church today. It was so early in the morning (not really, but compared to other days it was) and I did not want to wake up. Of course, when he left, I actually didn’t fall back asleep, I just read until 11 and the next thing I knew, Dad was sitting in the room waking me up at 12.

We got out and about, walking forever, seeing the canal again so I could show dad where H.C. Andersen worked from on the water side. We also went by the Lion of Rosenborg Castle, aka, the lion with the moving tongue. King Christian IV was a well known for his terrible ability to wage war and his amazing ability to drink like he won every war. Story goes that when he’d be so piss poor drunk, stumbling back, he never had to worry about loosing the key to get into the castle’s gate. It would be there, underneath the movable tongue of the lion guarding the entry on the right.

We grabbed lunch at a bakery (which are a big thing in Denmark? I don’t really know too much about them other than one of my cousins is annoyed that he hasn’t come to learn baking here yet. He was going to be the first one in Denmark… sorry, Cos). We had walked so much that we were going to go straight back. However, we spotted the Round Tower doors were open to visitors today, so we instead walked in there.

It’s gorgeous and fun, but you can easily tell that the king was such a lazy bum. The tower was built specifically so the king could ride in a horse drawn carriage to the top without him ever having to walk a centimeter up. Who even does that?? Anyway, at the top of the tower there resides the oldest observatory in Europe. It was really small, but cool, and we may or may not have gotten pictures even though it was restricted access…

Another cool tidbit is that there is a hollowed center in the middle of the tower. It reminded me of a laundry shoot, but twice as large and more impending doom if you were in a position of likely falling down into it (imagine that last bit is all hyphened together like You-know-who). In an adjacent room from the tower to the top of the church its a part of, there was a glass wall that let you see into the bell loft. The picture I have featured is from this room. So stunning to me.

After that, we went to the final side room which had an exhibition on missionary work from Denmark to around the world in the early 1900s. It was hard to read the captions or just see the pictures and not be emotionally effected by them. It was a well curated exhibition.

Dad and I finished the self guided tour and grabbed a “traditional” danish hotdog from a hotdog stand. I like Danish sausages much more than what Americans of the US accept as hotdogs.

We finished early today, but with the amount of walking we did, it was greatly appreciated by us both to get back and put our feet up.

Thanks for reading!


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