Back in Copenhagen

Not much to say about the 6 hours it took to get back to Denmark. However, I have quite a bit to say about being back here.

Somehow, I agreed to get up tomorrow at the G.Max.-crack of dawn and go swimming in one of the coldest beaches in Copenhagen. I’m so not smart, but it will be an interesting time. Mette, my SRA if you forgot, took me out to grab food for breakfast tomorrow and we stopped to get a bike pump for my bike. In the process of doing so, Mette asked to go get a new purse.

I ended up getting a new wallet, a chemise, and a dress. Now, most of you don’t know what I wear, but dresses and chemises are not high on my list of common clothes. Not only that, but anything white is also not really a part of my wardrobe. So, imagine my surprise when I found a gorgeous white dress that I actually was really excited about. It was only 149 dkk(about 22$). So while I definitely spent a lot of money today, it was not as bad as I feared it would be.

Super looking forward to wearing this dress.


Author: tenelevenblog

student abroad

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