Fun ‘family’ Dinner

I have an exam tomorrow to study for. What am I doing now, you ask? Posting on here! Because I have no control over how I spend my time…

Today I had a wonderful Thai Curry with nine other people in my Kollegium. It was fun, funny, friendly, and lots more f words that I could probably describe it as, but don’t particularly want to. I enjoy being silly when I am in the mood (and absolutely not because I want to take my mind off of a supposed exam that I really should study for).

I also started playing Pokemon Go, although it is rather hard to play in Denmark when Europe has no open app for the game. I also ran into a bunch of little kids when I was playing. I didn’t want to seem like that one strange adult walking around, so I sat in one place for a bit and played. Not really the point of the game, but I would rather not run into children as I go.

Ok… I’ll go study now.



Author: tenelevenblog

student abroad

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