1000 year old brick

Well, on a topic of old, today I saw the remnants of Absolan’s castle. It has some of the oldest bricks in the world. They were kind of like a danish highlight because all they really had was mud. To create the bricks during that age must have been quite the feet. It’s no wonder Denmark is known for its legos.

I got to visit a small section of the National Museum that included runestones and reigned from bronze age to vikings. We didn’t have the time to visit more of the museum, but I plan on going back to study certain parts of the exhibits I didn’t get to see.

I find the Futhark to be quite the fascinating alphabet. It’s seen as primitive to most people, but the fact they had an honest to god alphabet that they collectively used is rather advanced for a society. I loved looking at the runestones and seeing a lot of symbolism in their craft. It is absolutely a plus to see the language in its original writing. As much as I would have loved to hear them talk, I know that it highly impossible to get that kind of information. Would have been a blast to hear.


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