Man of the land

No, I am not writing about the Man on the hill. I’m writing today about the Nordic Mythology and explorations of the day. Like the wooden sculpture on top of the hill, I spent most of my day staring out from the natural world around me, contemplating what has been taught to me.

I learned a lot about the Dynamics of Nordic Mythology that pop culture has not been showing us. I learned about the nine worlds connected by Yggdrasil, the Vanir and the Æsir, the Giants, the cosmogony myth, Baldr, Ragnarok, and much more. Tons of interesting information that I kind of already knew, but hadn’t ever really put it together.

Tomorrow I get to see artifacts, clothing, well preserved texts… so much to see and so little time! Looking forward to that, absolutely.

I was good today as well and went biking for a while. I took some friends and even a Native Dane to an amazing child-made park that none of them had been to before. I was surprised that Mette didn’t know about the park! It’s so close to where we live, but I understand why she wouldn’t go adventuring that much in an area she is always in. Makes sense because ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ easily turns into ‘never’.

I found this guy in the picture by exploring a little more across the way. I’d always seen him from afar, but never got close. You can apparently go into the hat, but it is for children, and thus I was too large to fit. No longer child-sized even if my adventure heart is.


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