The meat packing district of Copenhagen is well known for its entertainment status. With the red light district being such a large part of its history, gentrification has been prevalent in its changes. Much of the area has been reclaimed to either be reestablished as a way to reconnect with the people living in the area or to bring in a different demographic to a renewed space. The green space in this neighborhood was gorgeous and taking quick sketches of the area proved to be fun even though it was an assignment.

I spent the time looking around to see that I will definitely be going back to take a closer look at the shops and various eateries. However, I made sure not to eat anything for the all you can eat sushi place! Loved it so much! It was very expensive, but worth it for a one time thing. Great time and day to be alive to have such great quality sushi. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up going to the beach today because it rained! That’s okay though because I’m going to a beach this weekend with some friends. I’m sure it will be gorgeous weather for that.

Some friends were going out tonight to the Bastard’s cafe (see my post about my first time going!) where I was going to join. I realized that after my day, I couldn’t go out. Not only did I spend the last three days drinking before bed, but I couldn’t stomach the thought of going out without talking to my family about my dog.

I know you guys are probably tired of hearing about this, but Chewy, my family’s 12 year-old black-lab, has had a rather aggressive mouth cancer. He’s been suffering from a leaky mouth, intense jaw pain, unable to chewy due to this, being hand fed by my mother the last couple of weeks, his body is super shaky when he moves, and overall he can only really sleep most of the time now anyway. I’m told the house smells of disease and the couch, where Chewy lays, is disgusting.

Today, he’s going to be free from these pains for the last time. At 5:30 Central time, less than an hour, he will be eternally dreaming about chasing rabbits and being with my family. I’m so blessed to have had him in my life and it is so hard to adjust to the fact he will not be there to greet me when I get back. He’s lived a long and happy life, and I wish for him the best as he leaves this world for the next. I love you Chewy and will miss you greatly.


On another note, I’ve had a few people ask me about Brexit and how it is in Europe compared to the States. My number one comment to make is that everyone I’ve heard mention anything about it has talked about what all of the UK will be doing. Will North Ireland and Scotland leave completely? Will there be another vote over splitting like in 2014? How does Britain expect to deal with the loss of regulatory rights and international relations/travel through the rest of Europe? The only thing people have actually agreed on is that this will end very poorly for the Brits.

If you have read through all of this, thanks for putting up with me!


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