Karaoke night

Today I did nothing until 10 pm where I got invited spur of the moment to go to a karaoke bar in the city. We got in for 30 kr and decided that we wanted to go get a shot from a less expensive bar first. I had a rum shot for 5 kr less than the karaoke bar was, so not really cheaper.

Awesome things that happened. One, The seven of us girls got serenaded by a group of boys in a bicycle taxi out of the blue. Two, I had a double rum and coke which was cool and a free beer from a friend who didn’t like carlsbergs. Three, a group of guys next to our table bought us a round of licorice shots which was nice but terribly disgusting.

Also, there was so much smoking I almost died and a drunk guy who kept trying to interact with our group when we were singing on stage.


Author: tenelevenblog

student abroad

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