Boros collection

Today was absolutely amazing. We got to see an interdisciplinary technological urban design type company called Triad. Their work is truly the coolest thing. Their level of technology combined with creativity make for a very well done show.

We then ate at this cute little lake side restaurant that served a lovely summer lunch. After that we got to see the boros collection in an old bunker. It was a really cool way to reuse a space and had a lot of interesting exhibits which we were unfortunately unable to document with pictures.

Finally we headed back to Copenhagen on a fast flight in easyjet.

However, today was a whopping 34 degrees out! I burned after being out for only 10 minutes walking between places. Sweating buckets in jeans because I packed no shorts. And the flight back taxi’d for almost twenty minutes because of misfunctioning stares. The day had it’s downs, but it was still fantastic. Edit: just got back in time for a thunderstorm so large that I’ve been hearing screaming from around me as the thunder lets loose.


Author: tenelevenblog

student abroad

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