Queer tour

Today my class went on a queer tour of Berlin. I’ve come to the realization that Anglo-Saxon history steals from true history. Many things about the queer community in the late 19th, early 20th century of Berlin were progressive. When Nazi’s took over, and several of the higher up party members were flat out gay btw, they targeted this community and destroyed it. I find the hypocrisy to be so strange an occurrence.

Earlier in the day we saw Bauhaus architecture and history in the functionalist movement which looks like American 60’s homes, even though they were from the 20’s of Germany. Again, this idea of overshadowing history with another.

In a completely terrible transition here, I will say that I strongly disliked dinner for tonight. I didn’t say anything though because everyone else loved it. Also, I freaking love the breakfasts served at the hotel. Super delicious.

Now I’m going to bed because my feet are really sore and I would like to get up early to eat a really nice breakfast. Good night. Sorry for the small post!


Author: tenelevenblog

student abroad

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