8-2 both am

As a group today, we talked more about the cold war and the effects of it on the city. We also got to go to the German equivalent of the White house so we could eat lunch and see the dome on top of the building. From there, we traveled to a graffiti tour through a part of the city and made some really cool spray paint art. I really enjoyed the artistic aspect of that tour, even if the tour guide was constantly cussing and slightly sexist.

The real kicker is that I went out to drink with a group from my class and had a most interesting experience. We got on the subway and were forced to stand as it was a packed train. I was standing behind a conversation and was lightly participating when I suddenly felt a finger poking me exactly where my belly button lay. I startled and looked at the person who poked me and was grossed out by the drunk/high man who proceeded to blow a raspberry at me.

I quickly talked with a few girls in my group about it and we moved away from the man. Unfortunately, we got off at the same station as this guy and he approached me directly before swerving around me to make a grab for my butt. I quickly skipped away before he could touch me again with the other girls giving silent support. My nerves were a bit on high when we moved to a new station.

If you don’t know, on a random note, that there was a football (soccer) game between Ireland and Germany tonight. Germany won. Why I am telling you this is relevant because when Germany wins, there are loud honking cars with shouting men (and I saw two women) and firecrackers.

Anyway, the station we were waiting at was right by a large amount of people outside who were celebrating the win. A few loud cracks let us know the firecrackers were going off. As it calmed down, we decided to skip our original plan and just grab a beer while walking to the canal in the city. During this discussion a firecracker went off – inside the station. Little to be said other than I jumped a few inches off the ground with my heart on the verge of seizing. We eventually got to drink a beer (utterly disgusting but still did it) and then came home.

Personally, I am really tired, so I did not go to the party room of one of the males in our travel group. Instead, I wrote this and am now going to sleep. Goodnight!


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student abroad

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