I have no photo to show tonight. There is no media that can truly describe the experience that I had the privilege to participate in. Complete darkness in a room full of people, served by those without sight. A four hour time of no cell phones, no light, no visual stimuli. Simply a group of five sitting at a table and holding discussions of all genres of life.

I cannot do justice to the perception of literal blindness as experienced by a sighted person. To live, though however temporary it may have been, in darkness and rely on textile, oral description, and smell just to eat a meal was an enlightening adventure. Learning to appreciate what I have and experience a little of what may have happened or could in the future occur has left me feeling profoundly aware of my ignorance.

And it doesn’t just stop there. Learning history about WWII in the heart of Berlin is completely different from grade school. To find out that monuments for remembrance didn’t start being built until the 90’s blew my mind. The history of Berlin being wiped out from bombings, leaving little to no culture in the city. Standing directly on the spot where Hitler’s body was burned above his bunker was crazy. The fact that there is no physical proof or a sign on the spot further displacing horrifying events. I’m sad to know that there is no physical way for me to visit an old concentration camp on this study tour as that would have been amazing.

All the walking and the pain isn’t something I should even complain about today because the experiences I have from today are completely enriching.


Author: tenelevenblog

student abroad

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