Confusing thoughts

Today I didn’t have to ride a bike to class, nor did I have to go through any rain. This is a plus. However, what I did have to do was try to understand visual journalism and to work with a partner who did not pay attention to the assignment and was confused the entire time about what the goal was. Which, I mean, I got through, but I was hoping to run ideas by him before we proceeded to the actual assignment. He was hoping for a donut.

I learned about our trip to Berlin next week. My first thought was how in the world will I be getting to the airport by 6:30 am? The second, do I have to go shopping for shorts? We are going to be very busy during the five days we are there and I look forward to learning about the culture and the people with my two group members. We are working in groups of three to complete a visual journal of a specific spot in Berlin. Apparently, it’s supposed to be something about re-animating a stale public area – seeing what hasn’t been working and what we could do to create a more welcoming space. I’m not sure if I will actually ever understand this topic. Maybe, maybe not.

After class let out – early at 2! – I was pulled into going to a comic book store. I originally was just going to let everyone leave and head back to my place, but the only other girl left, Sam, asked if I was coming. Shocked at being included after closing myself off from the group, I said yes. I wasn’t about to turn down going to a comic book store, so. We got to the place, but in reality it was two. One store, two buildings. There was a building just for games, which was this huge place that reminded me of going to the Bastard’s Cafe. The other building was just for comics and graphic novels. The downstairs held the English editions (plus manga!) and the upstairs held figurines and Danish specific works. The place was huge, expensive, and well stocked. I will most likely be going back.

Another interesting thing I did was see someone else’s living arrangements. The place that I had my first class? Yeah, that ended up being right across from this old home turned apartment life this guy was staying in. Gorgeous on the inside and smack dab in the middle of it all. I think that I got the worse half of the temporary living arrangements due to location. Love where I am! Don’t like how far away it is from almost everything major.

Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to tomorrow where I get to meet family for the first time. Wish me luck!


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