Let’s talk about this weather

EDIT: I’m warning, I went off on a couple of personal tangents here, so please take it in stride. Or skip it. Or don’t read this.

OKAY. So, I woke up today at, like, 8 for my class at 9:30 and saw that there was supposed to be light showers. I got all my backpack covered in a rain coat and I put on my jacket because I figured, a little rain wont hurt me, but it might soak my stuff. I ended up leaving my place at 8:40 (with the whole, commuter speed to class being 26 minutes and my speed being much slower, in mind), my stuff secured to my bike’s back basket. The first ten minutes, the weather was fine, a little drizzle like what was predicted. AT ISLANDS BRYGGE – TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR.

I rode blind, soaked through everything quite literally, and was just thankful my raincoat covered my backpack. I have never been so tired from one bike ride in my entire life. I honestly wished I had brought a spare pair of everything and some ice for my aching bones. It was chaos.

Low and behold, it didn’t do more than a sprinkle at the beginning of our bike tour. All the guys and gals that rode in were frustrated because we had to start the entire thing soaked. The good news is that most of it was dry by the time I got back to my place at FOUR IN THE AFTERNOON. So yeah.

Anyways (Tifa – If I could pop, I so would right now), My class rode through the “newer” part of Copenhagen in Nørrebro, across the canal, seeing sights and discussing urban spaces. I found out two things about myself – one, I find listening to people analyze the area fascinating, and two, when asked to do the same thing, I absolutely have no idea what I am doing and end up getting a conclusion that is in no way close to an actual correct assumption. Considering that is the basics of this class, I can tell I’m going to have a rather interesting time making it through.

I also found out that my professor performs in a drag troupe (Tifa – this is something I wanted to let you specifically know) every two months or so. Fun guy to learn from, interesting hobbies to hear about, always a funny story. I have found that learning about the subcultures here is very enlightening into how much the world is trying to standardize society and just how detrimental that is to humans as a whole. There is not one single person who is exactly like another and trying to make everyone fit a single standard forces so much of ourselves to be lost. Think of it like Photoshop. We take one person and “fix” them to match a literally impossible set of standards that only technology can warp, yet people are still expected to look like.

We got one break to eat lunch at around 1 and it was interesting eating legitimate (as can be in the area) ramen with all the toppings and broth to go with. It is also rather expensive. 110 kr for a single bowl? Yikes… I find that I have had a harder time trying to fit in with this new set of people than I originally thought I would. I was kind of like a lost puppy just following a group because I wanted to go eat the ramen, but I didn’t really want to find it. I was lucky to overhear that one group was going, so I tagged along in the back for a bit. I was hoping I could go unnoticed, but one of the boys spotted me when we were crossing the street. I find that I have a strong wish to be like others and be comfortable talking to people, but I have realized that I feel too forced to interact with them. I would like to be myself, there just isn’t enough time to do this though. Anyone of my friends knows that I don’t really get along with, aka get close and comfortable with, new people in short amounts of time. It takes a while for people to get used to me and I to them.

Sorry, I digress. Um, my class ended up seeing a local artist’s studio at 2 and it was rather strange seeing such an unusual space. There were plants and paint and mechanical hardware everywhere, plus a piano. I zeroed in on the piano and spent the entire hour or so itching to play something. However, I drew myself away, giving it a pitiful look as we left the studio. I should try to find a piano I will actually be allowed to play…

The bike ride back to my place was even worse than coming to class simply because I was so tired from biking for almost five hours. While the roads are mostly flat, there are some rather long inclines with just enough of an angle that I could feel the burn. When I got back to my place, I crashed for a nap and was very lucky to wake up just in time for a floor meeting about kitchen cleaning. We actually didn’t do much about making an actual schedule to clean, but we at least started on a major overhaul. Now, hopefully, the place wont be as cluttered and people will, for once, clean after themselves.

Okay, now that I have finished ranting and bemoaning, I realize that I still have 25 pages to read for tomorrow and I really just want to go to sleep. Hopefully I can get this done. Have a great night everyone (whoever you are… I don’t really know if anyone actually reads these but for like 5 people I don’t even know… Hello anyone I actually know! and thank you for those who I don’t!)


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