Islands Brygge

Today I had an assignment over six sites in Islands Brygge. It was a gorgeous day and perfect for going out. Before I even left for the self guided study tour, I got Wednesday’s 15 kr giant cinnamon roll (and one for breakfast). It was delicious and I am very happy to have eaten it.

I had class at 10 until 1. Afterwards, we were free to do our assignment whenever as long as we finished it by midnight. I personally decided that I was going to have lunch first before I tried to find the sites we were supposed to observe. That was probably the best idea because I remembered to put on sunscreen before I left. As I was going to be biking, I realized that I didn’t particularly want to burn.

I biked up to Islands Brygge and it was really pretty. At the start, at least. I started at a pool like structure that was once a harbor and from there went to a harbor park, to a two part building, a remodeled office to apartment building, to a TON of construction, to a small shanty like area. I only took pictures of the first two or so areas because I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures of a bunch of construction and people’s homes. The area was really nice, again until I hit the construction. There were a lot of things to just hang around and be a part of there.

The little village was also really pretty. I thought at first I was walking into a really sketchy area, but it turned out to be a very comfortable time. I felt as if I was imposing at some points because so many people where sitting outside their one-room homes and there I was riding a bike through their dead end streets. Some awkward staring going on as I walked back to the main road… Anyway, the plots the houses were on were not anything big. They were about the size of a one and a half car garage, with a literal one room home and well put together landscape. I want to go back and look a little closer at some of the more involved plots.

I have to go to bed now as I need to get up early tomorrow. I need to bike to class and it’s supposed to thunderstorm, so I will be having a rather interesting bike ride. Night!


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