Two thing day

Today I have two major things that happened.

One, I finally ate at Cock’s and Cow’s, Denmark’s number one burger joint. I got an absolutely ginormous burger and a Cucumber Collin. I only was able to eat a third of the burger, especially with the fries there too.

Two, I met most of the newbies at the Kollegium. Three of them were fantastic, Judzia (like Jadzia from star trek, but with a u), Alaina, and Olivia. With Ida and Colleen, all six of us decided to travel into the city to try out this place called the Bastard’s Cafe. There were several stories in the building, but we sat in the one with the bar and the access to the free board games. The place itself has hundreds of different games available to play, but only some of them were free. The others you had to pay to play, but not very much at all.

We sat down to play Matador, the Danish version of Monopoly, but after a few roles and some drinks, we simply sat around talking about anything and everything. I got corralled into trying Tinder here and I have so far found that it isn’t a bad app at all in Denmark. Pretty cool way just to met and talk to people, actually.

On another note, I’m starting session two tomorrow and I need to finish my readings for class so I will post about the excitement of tomorrow once my class is done. Thanks lovelies for reading!


Author: tenelevenblog

student abroad

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