Rather odd

I woke up today at 4 am. It’s not something completely unusual for me lately, but with waking up after a previous night of drinking, it was. I thought I would end up sleeping a lot longer, but instead my body natural woke up at 4. I proceeded to drink two bottles of water and play a game until I fell back asleep at 7. Strange.

Eventually, I had to go and get ready for my Art show with my class. We got done cleaning and setting up almost an hour and a half early. I was super hungry anyways, so I snuck out of the building to grab some lunch. There was this place called The American Pie co. that had pretty awesome pies. The woman who owns it is originally from Bloomington back home and we had a lovely conversation over family and travel. I promised that I would be back to get more pie soon!

When I got back in time for the show, I found that my program’s coordinator brought champagne and little snacks. During the entire show, I basically stuck with sipping my one glass of champagne and eating pretzels, bored out of my skull. It was fun to make, but I feel like there wasn’t too much to do after ten minutes into the show. We had the option of staying to clean up after or come back tomorrow. I chose to come back tomorrow because I needed something to influence my decision to stay in my Kollegium for the day or go out to a museum. Easy self-manipulation there.

Forgive the picture of my art. It’s not very well done, but it was the only one I took. I was too lazy to try to get a better one.


Author: tenelevenblog

student abroad

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