Day of Firsts

Today I finished my final art class project in record time and was approved by my professor rather quickly. Everything on my part is ready for the Studio Show tomorrow! Super excited to be done with my project today and then finishing the class tomorrow!

Today is also Wednesday which means that there is this wednesday (huge) cinnamon roll sale for 15 dkk at St. Peter’s Bakery. First time that I have had this cinnamon roll and it was delicious. Also, I have found another, even closer, bubble tea store called Tea-licious. It is great because it is cheaper than the Mad Hatter, has more types of bubbles, and a stamp card that gives a free drink after buying seven. Knowing myself, it is very possible that I will use many of these cards to get a few free drinks.

After eating lunch, I found my way back to my Kollegium to rest before I went out to Papirøen, or Paper Island, with my new friend Michelle. I made sure to dress warmly as we have now (finally!) entered the typical Danish weather of 17 and cloudy.

Michelle and I got dinner together at the Island, her a delicious chicken flatbread and mine being Spicy Korean Chicken Curry. We splurged on a Mega Mojito to share between us.

For the first time in my life, I know that I am definitely tipsy as I can feel the lag in my head and the dehydration within my body. I have made it a goal to drink the full water bottle in my room to make up for the amount of Alcohol in my system. I have never had as much as I have had today and I can say with the company I have had, It’s been brilliant.

Michelle and I had a truly marvelous time talking about anything and everything, of which I will not bore you of the details. All I know is that I would never normally do this, but I am glad I had such a kind person to take me out to drink and have a nice Hygge dinner and evening.  Also, I have never been more happy to have spell check in my life.

I am extremely tired and I know I am going to feel today when I wake up tomorrow, so hopefully, this water will help. I loved today and will not mind more of this later (of course, I say this before I have had a hang over, so I will see about my opinion tomorrow).

I find that analyzing myself when I have had a substantial amount of alcohol in my system is particularly enlightening and I will pursue the activity whenever I partake in this again. I think it is fascinating to finally experience the effects of an altering substance in my body and see how it transforms my sense of boundaries, plus the decisions I make. Rather informative, very freeing.


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