Event-full day

There are so many things to discuss about today! Firstly, I got up late because it has been too hot to sleep here and by the time I fell asleep it was around 2 am. To make matters worse, Distortion has been going on for a few days now so we get a lot of drunk people coming back early morning. I’m on the first floor so I hear everything going on outside my window because if I were to sleep with a shut window, it would be boiling in my room. The group that woke me up at around 4 had two specific events happen. One, someone puked and kept puking, and two, one guy got pushed into the little river, got soaked, and cussed for several minutes. I was NOT happy to be awake so early.

So, to make up for the sleep I lost, I decided to sleep in until 1300. I was okay with that until there were three different times where a child just outside would not stop crying. It was super annoying, but I had nothing to fix it, so I tried my best to continue sleeping. I eventually got out of bed so I could find a place to fuel one of my college addictions: Bubble Tea.

I found this quaint shop called the Mad Hatter which served bubble tea and it was great to drink it again since I hadn’t had any for about a month. In all honesty, I would rather have had mine back at my college then here, but it worked to ease my craving. I got matcha milk tea with the tapioca bubbles and was happy to just walk around for a bit while I sipped my drink.

It was getting way too hot though, as it was around 24 today and I still have yet to buy anything that is not pants and long sleeved shirts. Luckily, I found some shade in a large park and got to rest there with a little breeze. I was also very happy because I got to have a short conversation with my close friend for a while. I miss her dearly and hope to talk with her again soon.

I continued to meander my way through the city and eventually found the Grand Theater which was pretty cool. I got a few pictures of it, too. I then went shopping for some really ridiculous things that aren’t really worth anything, but I wanted them. Let’s just say I will be going over my self imposed budget this week *in tears*. I was getting hungry after shopping so I headed back to my room to eat my shrimp and mushroom pasta for dinner.

At this point, I expected myself to just go back to bed so I could wake up early tomorrow, but boy was I wrong. I got a facebook message from my SRA saying that if we didn’t clean up the kitchen/communal area soon we would get fined. Yikes! I didn’t even know it was that bad. I hadn’t been in the kitchen for three days and apparently, it blows up! I felt like a maid service going through cleaning the kitchen sink, dishes, and the counters. Colleen worked hard on the sweeping and the mopping while I did my part. We got mostly done, so hopefully we will not be fined.

During the last few minutes of cleaning Mette invited me to go with her, Colleen, and this sweet lady named Michelle to Distortion. Normally I wouldn’t bother going, but I figured, why not? I should try it once, so I said yes. We left a half hour later, where I had changed into a pair of pants and a nice shirt with some tennis shoes for the travel. When we left, All three woman commented on how I switched out of my lounge dress into my outfit. It was much more comfortable going out in pants, let me tell you.

We got to Distortion where we found out it cost money to enter (only after we got there, go figure). We immediately knew we were not going to get tickets as it was going to close in less than two hours. Instead, we decided to head back to paper island (a gorgeous pier with great food and drinks). On they way through the crowds, we saw quite the assortment of people dressed up in costumes (ex. Cookie monster, Elmo, Boy scouts, etc.) acting peculiar. It was unsettling, but entertaining, to say the least.

At the paper island, we got in line to get this huge Mojito to share between us. We waited in line for 45 minutes, but they were sold out when we got there! The disappointment we felt was horrible. So while Colleen and two of her classmates (whom we met at the Island) got little mojitos, Mette, Michelle, and I went to grab juice. They were sold out there too! It was absolutely ridiculous, our luck. We moped about and found the other three sitting at a table outside. There we sat discussing politics in America and how America was compared to Denmark. The energy we had while discussing was apparent in the passionate way we huffed and threw our hands up at the absurdity.

When we got too chilled by the darkening sky and the breeze, we head back home. I made plans with Michelle to come back on Wednesday tp try the food at the island and get a large mojito to share between the two of us (I think it will be really hard to do this, so I hope I don’t get too smashed…).  It was frustrating that we had so many things not go as planned that we wanted to change that and have a good time later. I think I will say that Michelle and I are headed towards friendship. I shall see with time.

Thanks for reading all of this and have a great evening!


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