Bike ride day

Today I have finished my two projects for my Art Class. I will post pictures of them when I finished downloading from my phone. I am sad because I am done working with legos, but I still have two projects to do, so I am curious to see how all this art stuff works out.

It’s been unusually hot in Denmark these last two weeks. The average is supposed to be 15 and we have consistently gotten 20. I did not pack for light weather which means I will need to go shopping – not looking forward to doing that, let me tell ya.

There is a music festival going on in different parts of Copenhagen now. It’s called Distortion and I have been staying far away from it and from the drunk people from my class. It appears that most of my classmates get, quoting here, “shit-faced” quite often during the nights and this event has not helped that at all. I know I should probably relax and get a little tipsy at some point I suppose, but I find the company available to be lacking. If I can trust the people around me, it would be okay, but I really, really don’t trust people I’ve known for maybe a solid three, four days.

Anyway, to get to the fun part of my day, I spent two hours coasting along on my bike around my Kollegium and found quite the little cozy area. There was this ship like structure which had a gorgeous view of the fields around me. I’ll post some pictures of those too. I stopped by the man-made stream like lake to cool down in the shade and dip my feet in the water. It was very relaxing just reading there and enjoying the outdoors, plus the feeling of little fishies moving around my feet.

After spending an hour sitting there reading, I decided to continue biking and got lost. It was cool though because I found lots of cows! They were super close to the trail so I grabbed some quick pictures and moved on. There were two calves looking at me like I was a crazy lady though.

I got back to my Kollegium after being out for two ish hours and rewarded my exercising with some avocado berry smoothie. It is very good and I am happy to still have some left now that it is so hot. Hopefully I can make it last for another day or two, but I get the feeling it is going to be all gone within the next 24 hours. Oh well.


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