Grundtvigs Kirke and Architecture day

My class met up for a really long train/bus ride to the suburbia of Copenhagen (one of several) at 9:30 this morning. I was kind of unsure about how I felt in a long travel day without motion-sickness medication, but I made it, so it wasn’t too bad. The cathedral was really pretty and the architecture was cool. I didn’t get a lot of it, but that’s okay, it was still a fun day.

I went on a walk with tentative friend Sarah on they way to the Metro and we had a nice discussion about art, plus lunch. It is really expensive to eat out here. I keep forgetting ^^;. We went on a walk through a lovely graveyard and sat down in the daisy patches in front of a grave or two. It was very pleasant and relaxing.

I got back to my Kollegium and helped Mette with editing an English Abstract. Apparently in Denmark their papers are in Danish, but their Abstracts are in English. It’s a weird system. I’m planning on making homemade Mac and Cheese tomorrow with the left over hotdogs from the BBQ on Sunday and Mette says she’s never had homemade before, so I am looking forward to making it. I wonder if I should add some hot sauce to it or not. I’ll find out if she likes that tomorrow I suppose.


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