Friday I had a lot of fun going to Statens Museum for Kunst. We all met up at ten to go in and found that the place wasn’t going to open until eleven! I find the irony behind that to be very strong. We spent the one hour walking around in the gorgeous sunny weather at the park across the Museum where the king’s summer house was. It hasn’t been a summer home in a while though and a Queen is currently ruling.

The garden/park was open to all as the parks here are relaxed and ready for fun. Regularly, when the weather permits, Danes lounge or bathe in the sun and generally sit picnicking with beer and having a nice chat with friends. There are also a lot of bikes and dog walking in the paths surrounding the park. Our teacher, a highly skilled Architect, talked about how Danes work generally from 9 until 3 and plan around their free time instead of their work time which is very strange coming from the U.S. where work takes up the majority of the day. It’s hard for me to imagine what to do with so much free time (productively, of course. I can waste a day just fine, but I wouldn’t really be doing anything productive.) especially now that I have it.

Anyway, the Museum was a very cool experience. The art work there ranged from paintings, to sculptures, to small buildings, to rooms, to videos, to light shows; you name it, it was probably there. My favorite piece there was this floating structure that apparently was meant to represent a society that floated above the earth and incorporated architectural shapes and wires to keep the cities afloat. It was very unique, yet simple, and our teacher actually works sometimes with that artist! There was a lot of art there that I didn’t understand the significance of, but there was one room designed as a hospital room that shocked many of my classmates because the entire room was unexpected with the same feeling as a ward in a sicker portion of a hospital.

After the Museum, my class went back to our classroom and discussed the trip in short detail so that we could go back to working on our first homework. I haven’t worked with art in a long time, so it has been nice to go back to the art scene and just draw things. It is a little strange when the teacher is an architect though and we are working with 2D.

Around three we all left as the class came to a close, but I stayed a little longer with another tentative friend who reminds me of my sister’s middle school friend who lived just down the road. She is very sweet and likes to have a good time, but she seems to agree with me on not going out every night to get drunk. We ended up leaving together at the end of the day and watched a juggler in the streets. He honestly wasn’t very impressing, but we watched until he finished and went on our separate ways after indulging in some Danish ice cream.

Even though the day was done at 5, I headed back to my living area and was dreadfully thirsty. Before I knew it, I downed two water bottles, ate some left over fish, and fell right to sleep, not waking until 11 when I decided to just go back to sleep then try to go out like I knew some of my classmates were wanting to do. Overall, good, but short day.



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