I woke up this morning very late, around 10:30, and decided that instead of trying to make my way to Louisiana, another museum our teacher wanted us to visit, I would instead go pick up my bike from the rental shop. Seems easy enough. I arrived there around 12 and received a text from yet another tentative friend, Colleen, about wanting to clean the communal area of our floor. I agreed that once I got back, I would help.

After sending the text on the Metro, I headed first towards a place to eat and decided that for today, I would check out this country’s McDonalds. I have so far tried one McDonalds from every country I have visited. I found this one to be much more salty in comparison to the ones at home. The sandwich was a chicken Legend and quite tasty with cucumbers, but the fries. Those fries.

I shortly after left to the bike rental and found myself arriving with ease. I went in and found that I was the only one who had yet to grab a bike, which I find odd as today and tomorrow are the days we could pick them up. Thirty minutes past noon isn’t even that late…

Anyway, I had paid a deposit to purchase a bike, not rent one, but the owner explained apologetically that he normally didn’t sell during the summer for my program (only renting) and that I was the only one who signed up to buy. He told me to go ahead a choose a bike, pay the rest as if renting the bike, and then gave me the full benefits of insurance and replacement. I was not upset and got a great bike with shifting, a back basket, and great suspension on the seat and handle bars. Two things I am not so canny on: the bike has coasting breaks, and pink.

I tried to bike back to my living quarters and ended up getting terribly lost. On the bright side I found an Aldi here and I bought a bottle of water and an apple as a snack for only 6 kr. That’s like a dollar. Sweet deal.

Eventually I found my way back after many breaks and promises to myself that I will get back in shape before the summer is out. The trip on the bike tired my unused legs out like no other has in a long time. This will be remedied. Hopefully. The bike itself is now parked right outside my building and I hope to go on nature park bike rides before I make the full trip to and back from the city’s center.

Anyway, I helped clean the communal area which I hope to complete tomorrow, but I do not know if that will end up being an actual possibility or not. I shall find out when I wake up in the morning as it is currently 2:30 here. But before I completely turn off, I wanted to say I went out for the first time tonight and ate well with a nice cold glass of Blue Hawaii. It was a very delightful dinner and I am entirely at fault for the hour and a half walk in circles I took Colleen and I around the area trying to figure out what to eat. We didn’t end up sitting down until 22:20 and I felt kind of bad for dragging her around. However we had a nice discussion about partying and how Denmark as a whole seems to pull in people who love to party. I’m kind of sad that so many of my classmates spend so much time out drinking to get drunk instead of just enjoying the atmosphere. Then again, the Danes are a very lively drunk people at night, so maybe they have found a place to be. Who am I to know or judge?

Good Night everyone!


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