Orientation – getting to know the area

Edit: I wrote this without stopping so expect spelling mistakes and seemingly random jumps.

Where I am living is absolutely fantastic! I love my little space as it is surprisingly large. In my room there is a kitchenette and my own bathroom. I do not have to share and I am sooo glad as this building is co-ed. The only thing I have to share with other people is the living area, rec room, and the kitchen which is shared between two floors and is very large.

The SRAs are very friendly and nice, one Mette and one Christian. They have helped so much with becoming comfortable with my living area and traveling. The Metro here is really easy because it is quite frankly the straightest thing I have ever been through. There is one turn and that is it. So simple, very fast. I plan on riding and parking my bike in the center of the city and just take the metro to get into the area.

The Danes are a really friendly though introverted people. I cannot describe how at home I feel here. I need to learn how to speak Danish and I am happy to absorb as much as I can from those around me. Even if I get lost though, they can always help me (in English! because they have to learn it. I wish USA required learning to be bilingual) and point me to the right direction.

I have made a tentative friend, Sarah, in my first class – where we spent only a handful of moments talking and the rest visiting Thorvaldsen’s Museum – as we bonded over lighting and spacial design. She is very sweet and I hope we become good friends.

While I love that my study abroad is so helpful, I am happy that they pretty much throw us to the dogs when we got here. I find that I do my best when I am left to my own devices. I have always had an easier time going around in small groups then in large ones so when I could say goodbye to those that like to travel in packs, I got out of there!

I still stayed for the scavenger hunt around the city though. There is so much culture available. A large component I have found that is different from the way I have grown up is the idea of equality of status. Not in the so called “everyone is equal in everything” but in the fact that royals and prime ministers here bike just like the rest of Copenhagen, so you could be riding alongside the crown Prince and it would be completely normal! They are strict here to keep it safe, but you wouldn’t know because mostly everyone follows the rules so they have less to be concerned about. They are very relaxed here but I wouldn’t call them lazy.

I am not sure if any of you have read the satwcomic.com comic, but all I have learned outside my family traditions are from these little short comics. It was very interesting to see a Dane’s opinion on some of these comics as he could tell me how true some of these things were.

I have found several parks in my free time as well. The weather has been absolutely out of the ordinary (so I have heard) here as it has been well into the 20’s the last two days. So warm! I am very pleased to have been blessed with such dazzling conditions. Unfortunately, tomorrow it is supposed to rain! Here comes the raincoat.

There are just a few other things I want to talk about before I head in to bed: Legoland is on my to-do list, but my wallet cries at the sight; I am tired and sore as my back has been holding a full backpack and my feet have been walking since 8:30 and I got back at 18:00; and lastly I started waking up at 6 and I actually ate breakfast and skipped lunch. If you know me, I normally do the complete opposite.

Alright, I’ll post a couple of pictures, then to bed.


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