Lego blocks

Today in class we started our second project which includes building a structure using light and depth which we take from our last project. What I am doing is just building a hallway with a couple of windows. I don’t really know what I am doing, I am just having fun playing with legos in class.

As we were building, one of the people in charge of our program kicked us out of the room because there was a last minute meeting scheduled and they double booked our room. Go figure. So now I have an unfinished project and a full day before I get to go back to it.

I am rather boring, though, because I did not do anything when I got out of class. I just went home, made lunch, and sat talking with Kollegium mates. Relaxing day coming up tomorrow as we have no class. I get to sleep in!


Grundtvigs Kirke and Architecture day

My class met up for a really long train/bus ride to the suburbia of Copenhagen (one of several) at 9:30 this morning. I was kind of unsure about how I felt in a long travel day without motion-sickness medication, but I made it, so it wasn’t too bad. The cathedral was really pretty and the architecture was cool. I didn’t get a lot of it, but that’s okay, it was still a fun day.

I went on a walk with tentative friend Sarah on they way to the Metro and we had a nice discussion about art, plus lunch. It is really expensive to eat out here. I keep forgetting ^^;. We went on a walk through a lovely graveyard and sat down in the daisy patches in front of a grave or two. It was very pleasant and relaxing.

I got back to my Kollegium and helped Mette with editing an English Abstract. Apparently in Denmark their papers are in Danish, but their Abstracts are in English. It’s a weird system. I’m planning on making homemade Mac and Cheese tomorrow with the left over hotdogs from the BBQ on Sunday and Mette says she’s never had homemade before, so I am looking forward to making it. I wonder if I should add some hot sauce to it or not. I’ll find out if she likes that tomorrow I suppose.

First Week budget

This is a personal list of my own budget for my trip. It is made so I can keep track of my expenditures and see what it costs to live in Denmark without rent.

My self proclaimed budget is 200$ a week. A lot, but it is hopefully going to be fine. I shall see.

My list this week is from 5/24 Tues. to 5/29 Sun.

Groceries: 865.31 kr

Eating out: 14.88$ + 394 kr.

Misc.: 300 kr.

Total: 1559.31 + 14.88 (exch. 1:0.15)

248.78. Welp, I’m 50 over. I will keep this in mind when I shop for the new week.

Sunday BBspecta-Q-lar

Today started at noon-ish for me. I woke late and stayed in my bed doing nothing because I still have yet to figure out how to get to Louisiana Museum in a timely fashion. I knew that my Kollegium was meeting with another Kollegium for dinner at five which meant that I had not enough time to go anywhere. I found that I had no problem lounging in my room until that time as I hadn’t really sat down to read or just relax like I normally would on a weekend.

Once five came around, I met in the kitchen with 5 of the 6 other study abroad students with my building (I still have some trouble keeping names straight even with as few of us there are). We headed to Bilka to shop for somethings to bring to the BBQ. We were there a little longer than we needed to be, but I was very happy when Mette allowed me to purchase a watermelon for the lovely cookout.

It turned out that our other SRA would not be joining us as he has apparently been transitioning over to another job, so he would no longer really be there. He was the only one, though, who knew where the other building was so that was kind of interesting, trying to decide which of the buildings behind the Bilka was the right place. We got there with little trouble, just a bit tired from carrying groceries (fun fact: There are no bags there. You either buy a bag to put things in, or you bring a bag with you).

The crowd at the other Kollegium was in general much younger than ours. We have one 19/20 year old and our oldest is 26. Their group was made of 18/19 year-olds and a 17 year old. They tended to stay away from our small group, which I had no personal care for either way. It was generally fun having the BBQ, but with some light rain that came in, we had to head inside.

I had a hard time, then, sitting around talking with the couple of girls in my group and one of the SRA’s in the other group. They were discussing how homesick they felt when they remembered their pets. “The good thing,” a quote from my SRA, “Is that you know they will be there waiting for you to come back every time.”

I didn’t partake in the conversation, eating my danish hotdog by sheer force of will while I tried not to think about the fact my own family dog is currently doing poorly with cancer. He probably will not be there when I get back. Even now I can’t help but turn away from my computer screen as I try not to cry over his impending death. It’s hard.

When the conversation was done, we got out of the building and waited for everyone to get ready to leave. We were going to taste Denmark’s best ice cream that they claim is the best in Europe, but I know that gelato from Italy is very delicious, so I took what they said with a grain of salt. That entire waiting period was very, how should I say… amusing.

There was one kid in the other Kollegium, and that is truly what he was, who had a ‘meat bag’. It was essentially all the left over meat from the BBQ in one small can trash bag that he wanted to save for later. The first thing he did was take it with him upstairs where his room was, but as there are open hallways with only half wire walls facing the courtyard, you could continue a conversation. He decided that he was going to throw the bag down towards the girls in his building who were waiting along with mine. It was like a bomb went off as the girls jumped away from the bag and yelled up at him. I thought the entire thing was a little strange.

Mette started walking away to try to get us to leave so we wouldn’t have to queue so long for the ice cream, but the other SRA (the male one who looked nervous at the way his students were acting) told us to wait a few minutes for the rest of his group to come back. We did and once everyone was back (at least, we thought), including meat bag boy, we began leaving again, but someone shouted that another one of the girls was still missing. We paused again and as we waited, meat bag boy and one of his friends thought it would be a fantastic idea to throw the meat bag back up to the hallway terraces. If you can guess what happens next, meat points to you.

The bag on the third or fourth throw got caught in the metal wiring of the half walls and instead of it just getting stuck, it ripped open due to the amount of meat weighing down the bag and out fell scraps and chunks of meat from the sky. The group standing the closest scattered and one of the girls tripped backwards over a large sitting stone, tearing the skin off her knee. There was momentary chaos as it fell and was being picked up by the boys. We had to wait a third time to get the injured girl some bandages for her knee.

Once everything was actually done, we got to go to the ice cream shoppe and wait for fifteen minutes out in the rain. The ice cream itself was very rich in taste, very large in scoops, and there was this topping called ‘Guf’ which is similar to the texture and sweetness of marshmallow fluff, but not in taste.

Now that I’m back at my room, I’m very, very stuffed and am about to make a post about my money expenditures for the week. Tak for reading everyone!


I woke up this morning very late, around 10:30, and decided that instead of trying to make my way to Louisiana, another museum our teacher wanted us to visit, I would instead go pick up my bike from the rental shop. Seems easy enough. I arrived there around 12 and received a text from yet another tentative friend, Colleen, about wanting to clean the communal area of our floor. I agreed that once I got back, I would help.

After sending the text on the Metro, I headed first towards a place to eat and decided that for today, I would check out this country’s McDonalds. I have so far tried one McDonalds from every country I have visited. I found this one to be much more salty in comparison to the ones at home. The sandwich was a chicken Legend and quite tasty with cucumbers, but the fries. Those fries.

I shortly after left to the bike rental and found myself arriving with ease. I went in and found that I was the only one who had yet to grab a bike, which I find odd as today and tomorrow are the days we could pick them up. Thirty minutes past noon isn’t even that late…

Anyway, I had paid a deposit to purchase a bike, not rent one, but the owner explained apologetically that he normally didn’t sell during the summer for my program (only renting) and that I was the only one who signed up to buy. He told me to go ahead a choose a bike, pay the rest as if renting the bike, and then gave me the full benefits of insurance and replacement. I was not upset and got a great bike with shifting, a back basket, and great suspension on the seat and handle bars. Two things I am not so canny on: the bike has coasting breaks, and pink.

I tried to bike back to my living quarters and ended up getting terribly lost. On the bright side I found an Aldi here and I bought a bottle of water and an apple as a snack for only 6 kr. That’s like a dollar. Sweet deal.

Eventually I found my way back after many breaks and promises to myself that I will get back in shape before the summer is out. The trip on the bike tired my unused legs out like no other has in a long time. This will be remedied. Hopefully. The bike itself is now parked right outside my building and I hope to go on nature park bike rides before I make the full trip to and back from the city’s center.

Anyway, I helped clean the communal area which I hope to complete tomorrow, but I do not know if that will end up being an actual possibility or not. I shall find out when I wake up in the morning as it is currently 2:30 here. But before I completely turn off, I wanted to say I went out for the first time tonight and ate well with a nice cold glass of Blue Hawaii. It was a very delightful dinner and I am entirely at fault for the hour and a half walk in circles I took Colleen and I around the area trying to figure out what to eat. We didn’t end up sitting down until 22:20 and I felt kind of bad for dragging her around. However we had a nice discussion about partying and how Denmark as a whole seems to pull in people who love to party. I’m kind of sad that so many of my classmates spend so much time out drinking to get drunk instead of just enjoying the atmosphere. Then again, the Danes are a very lively drunk people at night, so maybe they have found a place to be. Who am I to know or judge?

Good Night everyone!


Friday I had a lot of fun going to Statens Museum for Kunst. We all met up at ten to go in and found that the place wasn’t going to open until eleven! I find the irony behind that to be very strong. We spent the one hour walking around in the gorgeous sunny weather at the park across the Museum where the king’s summer house was. It hasn’t been a summer home in a while though and a Queen is currently ruling.

The garden/park was open to all as the parks here are relaxed and ready for fun. Regularly, when the weather permits, Danes lounge or bathe in the sun and generally sit picnicking with beer and having a nice chat with friends. There are also a lot of bikes and dog walking in the paths surrounding the park. Our teacher, a highly skilled Architect, talked about how Danes work generally from 9 until 3 and plan around their free time instead of their work time which is very strange coming from the U.S. where work takes up the majority of the day. It’s hard for me to imagine what to do with so much free time (productively, of course. I can waste a day just fine, but I wouldn’t really be doing anything productive.) especially now that I have it.

Anyway, the Museum was a very cool experience. The art work there ranged from paintings, to sculptures, to small buildings, to rooms, to videos, to light shows; you name it, it was probably there. My favorite piece there was this floating structure that apparently was meant to represent a society that floated above the earth and incorporated architectural shapes and wires to keep the cities afloat. It was very unique, yet simple, and our teacher actually works sometimes with that artist! There was a lot of art there that I didn’t understand the significance of, but there was one room designed as a hospital room that shocked many of my classmates because the entire room was unexpected with the same feeling as a ward in a sicker portion of a hospital.

After the Museum, my class went back to our classroom and discussed the trip in short detail so that we could go back to working on our first homework. I haven’t worked with art in a long time, so it has been nice to go back to the art scene and just draw things. It is a little strange when the teacher is an architect though and we are working with 2D.

Around three we all left as the class came to a close, but I stayed a little longer with another tentative friend who reminds me of my sister’s middle school friend who lived just down the road. She is very sweet and likes to have a good time, but she seems to agree with me on not going out every night to get drunk. We ended up leaving together at the end of the day and watched a juggler in the streets. He honestly wasn’t very impressing, but we watched until he finished and went on our separate ways after indulging in some Danish ice cream.

Even though the day was done at 5, I headed back to my living area and was dreadfully thirsty. Before I knew it, I downed two water bottles, ate some left over fish, and fell right to sleep, not waking until 11 when I decided to just go back to sleep then try to go out like I knew some of my classmates were wanting to do. Overall, good, but short day.