Start up of 10/11

Hello y’all!

My name is Kirsten but my friends call me Kira (among other things). I am partaking in a once in a life time opportunity to study abroad in KĂžbenhavn, Danmark (aka Copenhagen, Denmark) from May to August in a 10 week program, plus I am staying an additional week to get to know my ancestry and travel a little more in the country and Europe in general.

I am trying to make a comprehensive blog of the experience and hope that I can so that my friends and family can creep on / live vicariously through me. Yoo-hoo family~!

My goal is to update everyday when I am there, if only to say hey. Bare with me though, because I will probably forget or be really tired. A lot.

Anyways, thank you for reading. Will start updating day of Departure: May 23.