The End

Thank you all for reading this blog. I’ve finished my final week and have now gotten to the 11th week’s end. I realize that I could probably present a better ending and strive to give a highlight reel. However, I am needing to get back to business in the States. And while I’m done posting words online, I’m still working through photos and creating a printed copy of my blog for future reference. I have a picture journal to compose over the next few months or so. Again, thank you all for reading this and I will bid you all a final ado.



My flight was almost 5 hours late! I’m much too tired to say a lot about my day. The flight was a pain even though I got an upgraded seat.

Good Last Day

Today was a really good, relaxing, shopping-with-dad day. We went to several shops so that Dad could buy to his heart’s content Danish gifts and souvenirs. It’s been good, but depressing as I start to say goodbye to many of the things and places I’ve been.

Now, onto what I really just want to say. I need to be back home, like now. My roommate has been getting terrible service with trying to set things up and paper work is just disappearing, causing havoc for her on top of working and unpacking. I’d like to get things cleared away with the mess that is that apartment, and I can only do that once I have my phone back up and working again. If I could help her out at all right now, I would.

Super frustrating for me, but mentally debilitating for her. I want to help with the apartment now. Ugh. Feel so bad about all the stuff she’s been going through alone.

Anyway, now that I’m going back tomorrow, I’ll just share some of the highlights of my trip during my next few posts ending this blog. I will be blogging tomorrow and have a bit more time to share highlights that are more specific then this.

Major items:

Made new friend(s): Sarah from first session, Mette my lovely SRA, and a couple of girls from my Kollegium.

Seen sites: Been to Roskilde, M√łns Klint, Kronborg, and many more castles.
Been to Churches, museums, parks, and places of relaxation.

Countries: Been in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Iceland. Adding on from Britain, Spain, and France from last summer.

Learned a lot: talked about architecture, art, vikings, history, urban planning, world views, and much more.

I’ve learned more about myself: growing from classmates, professors, sticky situations, perverts on trains, having fun while drinking, getting lost in a city, taking in beautiful scenery.

What will I do with what I have done here? Will I be able to go back to USA with something? What kind of life will I get to experience? Will I help those that I come in contact with? What am I doing with my photos? How am I going to feel once I’m back?

Hamlet’s Castle version 2.0

I went back to Hamlet’s castle with my dad this time in tow. I was very happy to have gone back because the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare was finally in full swing, thus I got to see so much of the performance being played out inside the Castle’s many halls.

I spent an amazing time with my family as a last hurrah before going home. I leave on Saturday to go home and I’m sad to almost be out of Denmark. I’ve had such a great time… Okay, not done yet, so. My Dad was rather pleased to have been able to meet with part of our family. Cannot help but be grateful for the opportunity given.

On a random note – one that I forgot to mention yesterday – I have eaten Kangaroo. It was delicious. Also, the smell of leather and animal furs is very homey and comforting.

That is all.


Today from 6-12 pm I spent my evening with family in Tivoli. Dad got to meet part of his family and I got to meet my cousin’s girlfriend. We had a blast going around the amusement park (we being Wictor, Yuno, and I) while the parents went and spoke. We have a meet up tomorrow where dad gets to see a Danish home and spend a little more time with the family. 

Rosenborg and Rosy cheeks

Dad and I spent today going to Rosenborg castle. On the way there, we stopped by pizza time (one of my regular food stops for lunch) to grab a piece of mushroom and ham. I have, also, gotten my dad hooked on Bubble tea. I did not know he would be a fan of it. I feel bad (not really) that I got my dad addicted like me.

In Rosenborg, we saw the crown jewels which were okay, but not the prettiest I’ve seen. I did like some of the rather ornate necklaces and dangling earrings. The glass was much more interesting to look at though. Once we got out of the basement we headed to the upstairs where it seemed that every room was wood and nothing else. We got to see some cool desks that had unusual bends and some embedded amber within the mix. My favorite part of the entire thing was looking at the hidden doors and wondering what it would have been like to go through the hidden passageways.

After that, Dad got into contact with a friend he hadn’t seen in 25 years. It was crazy to see all the booze that came out in the 8 hours we were all hanging out in. I’m glad dad had fun, but boy was it so strange to take him home afterwards. Midnight train rides are rather busy apparently.